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Bespoke website development, management and custom web-app system Bespoke website development, management and custom web-app system Bespoke website development, management and custom web-app system


To create a platform for the largest tattoo studio directory in the UK, which allows studio owners to create and maintain their own directory entries.

Creative Solution

Given the visual nature of the tattoo industry and the variety of highly individual tastes, a deliberately pastel colour pallet combined with a parchment colour wash over one of the site owners own tattoos was recommended. The design intention was threefold: firstly to simulate he effect of primary tattoo inks on skin, secondly to have a design which was easily transferable across web, tablet and mobile, and thirdly to offer a design neutral creative which would avoid users judging the design of the site (as in fact the do about tattoo designs) allowing them to focus on site functionality.

Functional Solution

The core functionality for directory users is a geographical search functional, whereby a directory user can put in their own postcode or town, the distance they are willing to travel, and the search results produce all of the studios entries on the directory within this distance. In turn, each studio entry offers the possibility to contain a description, contact details, and links to any website or social media content the studio may have.

The core functionality for studio owners is the ability to enter and maintain studio details via the website without any registration. All details entered or amended are sent to a secure e-mail address where the details are validated by the website administrator, and then can be updated by a one click posting function.


For most studio owners, the tattoo studio directory offers the only solution to gather all of their digital content together (website, facebook, instagram etc) into one access point. Within the first 12 months after launch the directory achieved more than 10,000 users, and whilst it is UK based tattoo studio directory, the website has users are across 111 counties.

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